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Real-time DataLogger configuration

Real-time DataLogger configuration Available from firmware 2019.3 There are different ways available to set up and configure a DataLogger session: from firmware 2019.3: configuration based on an XML file from firmware 2020.6, additionally: via PLCnext Engineer via RSC IDataLoggerService2 (reading values, handling a session) Let’s see which way… Read More

Real-time DataLogger – Tutorial videos

Real-time DataLogger – Tutorial videos The DataLogger feature is available from 2019.6 – some features came in with later firmware releases Note: Tutorial videos are embedded from the Phoenix Contact Technical Support YouTube channel.  With playing an embedded YouTube video in this platform, you accept the YouTube Terms & Conditions. Even showing… Read More

Real-time DataLogger reference

Real-time DataLogger reference Available from firmware 2019.6 Sources and data types The DataLogger can record data from any IN or OUT ports and variables. The following data sources are available: Global Data Space IN and OUT ports Type real-time program (C++, IEC 61131-3 and MATLAB®/Simulink®) – task-synchronous mode… Read More

Real-time DataLogger – Examples

Real-time DataLogger – Examples Since this DataLogger is a versatile tool for a wide array of use cases, there is an overwhelming number of parameters and options to configure a session for best results. In this topic, you will find the settings for a bunch of typical use cases for your convenience,… Read More

Real-time DataLogger 

Real-time DataLogger  Available from firmware 2019.3 Use Case As soon as you record consumption values, need to prove energy feeds, or possibly have to log plant states, you need a reliable data acquisition. With the PLCnext Real-time DataLogger, you now have a convenient way to do all these use cases… Read More

DataLogger configuration as a flowchart

DataLogger configuration as a flowchart Due to the multiple scenarios a DataLogger session can be used for, there are a bunch of decisions to make during the configuration. Here’s a visual guide for that. Usability tip: For a convenient scaling of the chart, just hide the navigation sidebars by toggling to… Read More