PLCnext Technology agile roadmaps

Here's a sneak peek into our development roadmaps and current activities on key parts of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem.

Note: As always in agile development, this information is subject to change without notice. Come back on occasion to keep up with changes.

Latest update:  February 26th, 2024

PLCnext Runtime System 

work in progress

  • Support for Docker and Docker-like alternatives
  • PLCnext Control Simulation in PLCnext Engineer (continuation)
  • Device and Update Management (continuation)
  • New system variables for PLC status
  • Modbus TCP Client configuration

next on the list

  • WBM – VPN/IPsec config
  • WBM – INTERBUS diagnostics
  • WBM – Import firewall filter tables
  • Security – more features and hardening 

PLCnext Control devices and Extensions

work in progress

  • (to be announced later)

PLCnext Engineer

work in progress

  • IO‑Link® Safety integration
  • Exporting or importing POUs and data types according to IEC 61131-10
  • eHMI – configurable alarms
  • eHMI – new HMI object type: animated timer 
  • Modbus TCP Client configuration

next on the list

  • Running multiple unrestricted instances of PLCnext Engineer
  • Excluding single instances from compiling and downloading
  • Creating global function blocks and arrays of function blocks




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