Adding left-alignable AXC F XT modules

You can connect one extension module to the left of the AXC F 2152 using the AXC BS L 2 bus base module, and two extensions to the left of the AXC F 3152 using the AXL F BS AXC 3X5X bus base module. 

In addition to the respective documentationfor each product, there are quick introductions available on how to integrate some of the modules into your project:

Extension Purpose Applicable at PLCnext Control 
(from firmware version)
Further instructions
AXC F 2152 AXC F 3152
AXC F XT ETH 1TX Left-alignable Ethernet interface
2019.0 LTS

≥2021.0 LTS
→ see How-to and tutorial video
AXC F XT IB Left-alignable INTERBUS master, for the connection of up to 255 INTERBUS remote bus devices

→ see How-to
AXC F XT PB Left-alignable PROFIBUS® master, for the connection of PROFIBUS® components.
2022.0 LTS

2022.0 LTS
→ see How-to
AXC F XT ML 1000 Left-alignable Machine Learning module
2022.0 LTS

→ see How-to

AXC F XT SPLC 1000 Left-alignable, safety-oriented control for operating PROFIsafe® devices.

AXC F XT EXP Left-alignable PCIe extension interface, for connecting more than one of the above expansion modules.
2021.0 LTS




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