Licensing the  PLCnext Engineer Simulation

Available from 2022.0 LTS with AXC F x152 devices

PLCnext Engineer Simulation allows programming without having a hardware PLCnext Control. For details, see the PLCnext Engineer Simulation introduction.

Who needs a license

Phoenix Contact provides the PLCnext Engineer software suite and all simulation packages for download at the PLCnext Engineer product page, and everything seems to be downloadable free of charge. 

So why should somebody be interested in a license?

Well, not all features are free. Some advanced programming tools for PLCnext Engineer are chargeable add-ins, and so is the Simulation feature for most of the PLCnext Control targets:

  • AXC F 1152 simulation:
    Free of charge, no license necessary
  • AXC F 2152 / AXC F 3152 simulation:
    License needed

The good news is that the Simulation feature comes at a really attractive price: about 200 € + taxes per seat.

That license contains all current and future simulation targets that will come! 

How to get a license

  • Log in to your customer account at (or register to create an account).
  • Go to the PLCnext Engineer product page and press the Configure button.
  • Configure your PLCnext Engineer license to your needs, and include the PLCnext ENG SIM license.
    Note: To finish the configuration, you must choose between "Add license" or "without license" in all drop-down sections of that list!
  • While at it, consider the other optional add-ins, there is some useful stuff to find!
  • In the last drop-down on that page, choose between a single-user and the network license:
    • A single-user license can be used on a single computer.
    • A network license can be used on the computers in a common network, up to the count you ordered.
  • Click Finish configuration, then add the order to the shopping cart and confirm it.
  • Wait for the delivery of a ticket ID via mail.

The ticket ID for activating your license should be sent within 24 to 48 hours. Meanwhile you can start with the free-of-charge AXC F 1152 simulation.

For questions about the Simulation or the license, see PLCnext Engineer Simulation FAQ



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