Function extensions

A main feature of PLCnext Technology is the modular extensibility on user's side, for example by means of so-called "function extensions".  How these function extensions differ from apps, see C++ programming on PLCnext Technology

Function extensions for internal processes

Users can add their own function extensions to PLCnext Technology. The System Manager loads and monitors these function extensions. All available PLCnext Technology APIs can be used: 

  • RSC (Remote Service Call):
    Each component (system, service, I/O components) features a selection of individual services that can be called up and used via RSC.
  • Component interface:
    The firmware calls up the implemented functions of the component interface at certain times, e.g., during program startup.
  • Data access:
    Read and write access to the GDS (Global Data Space)
  • Common classes:
    Easy retrieval of system functions, e.g., file operations, socket services, threading.

Take this e-learning course on how to create an internal function extension to the PLCnext Runtime System.

Function extensions for external processes

It may also be necessary to incorporate external processes. This may be the case if, for example, extensive software components such as Java® frameworks or .NET Core® are used. They can also be integrated as function extensions. Function extensions can be started along with the PLCnext Technology framework.




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