plcnextapp log file

The plcnextapp tool manages apps, e.g. the mounting and unmounting. The plcnextapp tool is called by the AppManager. The plcnextapp.log file is used to record status and error messages that are issued by the plcnextapp tool. You will find the file by default on your controller under /opt/plcnext/plcnextapp.log. The path to the log file is stored in the settings file apps_settings.json in theplcnextappLogFile field. The size of the log file is limited to 4 MB. 

The following log levels are available:

  • Trace
  • Debug
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error 
  • Fatal

A plcnextapp log message has the same structure as described in Diagnostic log file. It contains the following elements:

  • Time stamp
  • Root logger name PlcnextApp
  • log level
  • log message

Example log message:

19.04.19   10:33:57.833     PlcnextApp      INFO     - SettingsManager - Root Logging Test



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