Activating the App Manager

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Installing apps can compromise security

Before installing an app, you must perform a risk analysis of the app and its impact on the security of the device and the application, taking into account the overall security context. In particular, investigate the following effects on the device and application:

  • Data critically estimation
  • Data in rest
  • Data in transmission
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • PLCnext User Management
  • Communication configuration (e. g. network interfaces, ports) and firewall integration
  • Least functionality strategy
  • Notifications
  • Mobile and malicious code protection


To install apps, you must have admin rights. Otherwise, it is not possible to check and adjust the configurations in the WBM that may have been changed by the app due to the lack of access to the App Manager.

To install and license apps from the PLCnext Store, you must first activate the App Manager. Proceed as follows:

  • Log in to the WBM. 

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Establishing a connection to the Web-based Management (WBM):

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • In the address field, enter the URL https://<IP-address-of-the-controller>/wbm,
    for example:

For further information, see WBM.

  • Open the System Services page (Configuration SystemServices).
  • Activate the checkbox of the App Manager. 

  • Click the Apply and reboot button.

A warning note opens.

  • Read the warning note and if you want to proceed, click the OK button. 

After the PLCnext Control has been restarted, the PLCnext Apps page is available (Administration → PLCnext Apps).

  • Install apps via the Install App button. 


Note: You may need to install licenses.

  For information on license management, refer to the main PLCnext Info Center or to the PLCnext Store Info Center

After you have installed the app, you must check which user rights, firewall settings and System Services the app requires.

  • Make the required settings in the WBM, taking into account the risk analysis performed.  
  • After app installation, check the System Services settings.
    Apps can enable or disable System Services during installation. For example, when you launch container apps, the controller automatically reboots. This causes the App Manger to be disabled if a Security Profile is active. You must re-enable the App Manger to check the installed apps or to install additional apps.
Note: Before you start up the system after installing apps, you must deactivate the App Manager in the WBM!
Note: The integrity of libraries can be checked with hash values.




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• Published/reviewed: 2023-11-02 • Revision 011 •