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Note: You can change the email address on the PLCnext Store website.

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Note: You can change the password on the PLCnext Store website.

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Note: If you have completed the registration but wish to change the specifications listed under “Company Administrator Profile”, you can find the text fields in your profile on the “My Profile” tab.

Later, the following text fields are available in your profile on the “Company Profile” tab.


Company Legal Details

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Enter the name of your company without specifying its legal form.

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Enter the street and house number of your company.

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Optional: Enter additional information about your company address.

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Enter the zip code and city of your company.


Enter the country in which your company is located.

"VAT ID*" 

Enter the value added tax ID of your company.

Note: Make sure that the format for the value added tax ID of your company is complete and written properly.


Billing address 

If you activate the “I want to use my legal address as the billing address” check box, the specifications from the “Legal address” section is copied for your billing address.

If you deactivate the check box, you can specify an alternative billing address.

  • Save each section of the form with a click on the “Save” button.
  • To return to the overview page of the PLCnext Store, click the “Back to Store” button.

You are registered as the administrator of your company.





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