Starting up the AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master

Available from 2022.0 LTS for AXC F 2152

The AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master currently supports the PROFIBUS DP/V0 mode.


Preparing your workbench

The AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master can be started up with the following steps:

  1. Downloading and unzipping the installation package for the AXC F XT PB
    1. Download the AXC F XT PB Installer file (version ≥ 2022.0) from the Phoenix Contact product page to your PC.
    2. Unzip the AXC F XT PB Installer file into a directory on your PC.
      ↪ The contained files are stored into a \Setup Sycon subdirectory:
      • AXC F XT PB DTM Setup.exe:
        AXC F XT PB DTM file for generating a PROFIBUS configuration in the software. The PROFIBUS configuration can be integrated in PLCnext Engineer.
      • V1.[...] Setup.exe:
        Installation file for the software.
  2. Installing the software
    1. Double-click the V1.[...] Setup.exe file in the \Setup Sycon directory.
    2. Follow the instructions during the installation.
    3. Agree to the license agreements, if applicable. 
  3. Installing the AXC F XT PB DTM file
    1. Double-click the unzipped AXC F XT PB DTM Setup.exe file in the \Setup Sycon directory.
    2. Follow the instructions during the installation.
    3. Agree to the license agreements, if applicable.
  4. Preparing the PROFIBUS device descriptions
    1. For each of the PROFIBUS devices to be inserted, perform the following steps:
      1. Download the necessary device description files to your PC.
      2. Unzip the device description files into a directory on your PC.
        Show an exampleShow an example

        In this example the IL PB BK DI8 DO4‑PAC Inline bus coupler is used. Unzip the device description file from the Phoenix Contact  into the ...\FDCML10\Profibus\Phoenix Contact  directory.

Creating a PROFIBUS configuration

To operate a PROFIBUS device at  the AXC F XT PB as the PROFIBUS master, you must first import its device description file into the software. In you then create a PROFIBUS configuration, which you have to export as a PLCnext Engineer library, and import it into your PLCnext Engineer project.

The necessary steps are described here using the example of a PROFIBUS device from Phoenix Contact.

  1. Adding the AXC F XT PB as the PROFIBUS master
    1. Start the software.
    2. If necessary, skip the prompt for an administrator password when starting the software for the first time.
    3. Save the new project under a suitable name.
    4. Click the project in the netProject section.
    5. From the Network drop-down menu, choose Device Catalog....
    6. In the dialog that opens, click the Reload Catalog button.
      ↪ The Device Catalog updates with previously installed device descriptions. 
    7. Click OK to close the dialog. 
    8. In the netDevice window, click the Vendor tab under the right section.
    9. Open the Phoenix Contact node, then the Master node.
    10. Drag-and-drop the AXC F XT PB master to the beginning of the horizontal pink line in the Network View section:
  2. Adding PROFIBUS devices
    1. From the Network drop-down menu, choose Import Device Descriptions....
    2. In the dialog that opens, navigate to the directory with your device description files.
    3. Select a .gsd file (e. g., PXC_096B.gsd for the IL PB BK DI8 DO4‑PAC Inline bus coupler), then click Open to start the import.
    4. If asks you if you want to reload the device catalog, confirm with Yes.
      ↪ The device is added to the structure in the Device Catalog,  and (if it is not another master) put into a new Slave subfolder.SYCONnet_doubleclick_Phoenix_Contact_PROFIBUS_device.png
    5. Drag-and-drop the device you just added from the node in the right section to the middle section, at the pink line right beside the AXC F XT PB master.
    6. Repeat the previous steps for each additional PROFIBUS device until the configuration is complete.
      Note: If you want to use the I/Os of previously inserted PROFIBUS devices, add these I/Os for each PROFIBUS device one after the other.

      Show an exampleShow an example

      The following example shows how to proceed for the IL PB BK DI8 DO4 bus coupler.

      • Double-click on IL PB BK DI8 DO4 in the Network View window. 
        → The netDevice - Configuration dialog opens.
        Note: Because the IL PB BK DI8 DO4 bus coupler has onboard I/Os, the BK: DI8 DO4 (8Bit) is already preset in the netDevice - Configuration dialog. When selecting the I/O modules observe the slot order.

        IL PB BK DI8 DO4 showing onboard IOs
      • Select the I/O modules according to your application by double-clicking on Available Modules.
      • Click OK to accept your selection and to close the dialog.
      • Repeat the previous steps for each additional PROFIBUS device.

  3. Exporting the PLCnext Engineer library from
    1. Click Additional Functions / Export PLCnext Engineer Library in the context menu of the AXC F XT PB master.
    2. Click OK when the Information dialog appears with the message The export succesfully completed!.
      ↪ The PLCnext Engineer library file Arp.Io.Profibus.pcwlx was exported to the directory C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PLCnext Engineer\Libraries.
    3. Exit

Programming the PROFIBUS station

  1. Importing the PROFIBUS configuration in your PLCnext Engineer project
    1. Start PLCnext Engineer and open an existing project, or create a new one (in this example with the AXC F 2152).
    2. Insert the Arp.Io.Profibus into PLCnext Engineer library into the COMPONENTS area as usually. Show howShow how
      ↪ The Arp.Io.Profibus library will now be displayed in the Libraries (x) section of the COMPONENTS area.
      ↪ The Arp.Io.PbM : Arp.Io.Profibus.ProfibusComponent will now be displayed under the PLCnext Components (x) node in the PLANT area.
      • In the COMPONENTS area, open the Libraries (x) section.
      • Right-click Libraries (x).
      • Select Add User Library... from the context menu.
      • In the file explorer that opens, select the Arp.Io.Profibus.pcwlx library file and click Open.
  2. Assigning process data of the AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master
    1. Double-click on Arp.Io.PbM : Arp.Io.Profibus.ProfibusComponent in the PLANT area.
      ↪ The Arp.Io.PbM : Arp.Io.Profibus.ProfibusComponent editor opens, showing all variables of your AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master.
      Note: When assigning the process data of the PROFIBUS master, the first PROFIBUS device after the PROFIBUS master will start with number 2001, and the second device will start with 3001.
    2. To assign an IN port or an OUT port to a variable, click Select IN Port here or Select OUT Port here.
    3. Select the OUT ports and IN ports according to your application.
      ↪ The role picker opens. Note: Only the IN ports or the OUT ports that you can actually assign to the respective variable are displayed in the role picker.
      PLCnext Engineer role picker
    4. In the role picker, select the IN ports or OUT ports that you want to assign to the respective variable.
    5. The IN port or the OUT port is assigned to the variable.
    6. Proceed as described above to add all variables to your application. 
  3. Writing and starting the project
    1. Make sure, a firmware version ≥ 2022.0 LTS is installed on the AXC F 2152 controller.
    2. Double-click the controller node in the PLANT area.
    3. Select Write and Start Project in the controller cockpit.
      ↪ The RUN LED lights up continuously when the AXC F XT PB PROFIBUS master was started properly.

That's it: Your AXC F XT PB is set up.


• Published/reviewed: 2024-06-26   ☀  Revision 070 •