Creating a new project

  • Open PLCnext Engineer.
  • Click on a project template, e.g. Empty AXC F 2152 v.00 / 2020.0.0 project  on the start page.

The project template for an empty AXC F 2152 project opens.

  • Open the File → Save Project As… menu.
  • Enter a unique and meaningful name for the project.
  • Click on Save.

Replacing a PLCnext Engineer template

Note: This procedure is useful in these cases:

  • updating a project to a newer PLCnext Engineer template
  • changing the device type of a PLCnext Engineer project
  • Open your project in the newer PLCnext Engineer version.
  • In the COMPONENTS section on the right, navigate to the templates folder, right-click and copy the template you need:
  • In the PLANT section on the left, right-click the project at the root node and replace the project template:

The project template is updated.




• Published/reviewed: 2024-05-06   ★  Revision 068 •