Managing devices and purchased licenses

After you have invited colleagues and they have become part of your PLCnext Store company, you can manage devices and licenses together as a team.

Members and pools

Single user in a PLCnext Store company

In the PLCnext Store every user has user pools for his devices and licenses. 

In the license pool, you manage your licenses. In the device pool, you manage your devices. In the PLCnext Store, you find your pools on the following tabs of your user profile: 

Inviting a member

The admin of the company can invite his colleagues to join his company in the PLCnext Store. After his colleagues become member of his company, they have their own user pools.

In addition to the user pool, there is also a company pool to which all company members have access. For more information about managing your colleagues, see the Topic Inviting and managing your colleagues.

In this example, Arnold has registered a company and is therefor admin. As admin, he invites Bob to his company. 

Sharing the company pool

The items in the company pools can be used by all company members (and of course the admins).

You cannot add devices and licenses directly to the company pool, but must first add them to a user pool. Then you can move them to the company pool. Even if you want to use items from the company pool, you must first move them to the user pool. The admin has access to all user pools.

In the PLCnext Store, your device pool may look like this: 

Roles and rights

After being invited, new members of the company automatically have the "user" role. In the following table you can see which rights users and admins have and what they can do in the PLCnext Store

Activities User Admin
Add devices
Buy and import licenses
Activate licenses on a device
Delete devices
Move devices and licenses to the company pool
Move devices and licenses from the company pool and move them back to the user pool
Has access to the company member list and can see who else belongs to the company
Invite other users  
Give other users the admin user role  
Change information about the company, e. g. the billing address  
Has access to all devices and licenses from every user  
Can remove other members from the company[1]  
  1. The items from the removed member's pools are automatically assigned to the company pools.



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