Folders and PLCnext environment variables

The following table lists environment variables on the controller, representing directories that are required for app administration. The values of these environment variables are set to the defaults shown below, using information in the file /etc/plcnext/Device.acf.settings. These default values do not need to be changed by app developers or app users.


Environment variable Value Use
ARP_PATH_HOME_DIR /opt/plcnext Working directory of the PLCnext Runtime
ARP_PATH_APPS_ACTIVE_DIR $ARP_PATH_HOME_DIR$/apps Contains the folders of the mounted app containers.
ARP_PATH_APPS_HOME_DIR $ARP_PATH_HOME_DIR$/appshome All app data such as persistent memory and symlinks to determine binaries are
stored here.
ARP_PATH_APPS_DATA_DIR $ARP_PATH_APPS_HOME_DIR$/data Represents the root storage folder for persistent app data.
ARP_PATH_APPS_TEMP_DIR /var/tmp/appsdata Represents the root storage folder for temporary data of the apps.

Storage directory for the symlinks to the command line tools of the apps.
This is entered in the PATH
environment variable for all users.











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