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This WBM page is accessible with user role:

  • Admin
  • SecurityAdmin (from firmware 2022.0 LTS)

How to get into the WBMHow to get into the WBM

Establishing a connection to the Web-based Management (WBM):

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • In the address field, enter the URL https://<IP-address-of-the-controller>/wbm,
    for example:

For further information, see WBM.

View Containers tab

The View Containers tab on the License Management page displays the licenses of apps from the PLCnext Store that are installed on the controller.

From firmware 2021.9 of the AXC F x152 controllers, license containers can be bound to the device or a special SD card type to simplify the exchange of devices. An overview of SD cards suitable for this purpose can be found in section LIC SD cards. Information on how to switch a device with licenses bound to an SD card can be found in section Switch devices with LIC SD card.

The following information is displayed in the View Containers overview:

Column Description
Container Serial number of the container. A container is used to manage licenses
Storage Location (from 2021.9) Storage location of the license container (file system of the device or SD card)
Firm Code Identification of the licenser (here: the firm code of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG)
Firm text (from 2021.9) Description of the licenser
Product Code Unique identification code of the licensed software
Feature Map Specifies with which scope of functions the app is installed
Product text (from 2021.9) Description of the license
  • Click the Refresh button to refresh the overview of the licenses on the controller.

Checking for details

  • Click on the Details button to obtain further information on an app license.

In addition to the information given in the View Containers overview, the following fields can be found in the Details window:

Field Description
Activation Time Date when the license is valid.
Expiration Time Date when the license is invalid.
Usage Period Usage period in days
Status Current status of the license (License valid or License invalid)

Offline Activation tab

Available from 2020.0 LTS

On the Offline Activation tab, licenses can be activated and deactivated offline with license files provided by the PLCnext Store. The term "offline" in this context means that the PLCnext device which runs the licensed app does not have to be connected to the PLCnext Store during the license activation. This might be necessary if the PLCnext device is located in an area without proper Internet connection, or for preventing security issues.

For online license management via the PLCnext Store, see the respective topic in the PLCnext Store Info Center.

In the WBM, the Offline Activation Wizard will guide you through the activation process and provides further information.

Note: As of firmware version 2023.0 LTS or later, there are two file formats for offline activation.

  • The Basic file format has these suffixes:
    • *.WibuCmRaC for the license context
    • *.WibuCmRaU for the license update
    • *.WibuCmRaR for the license receipt
  • The PLCnext Store file format with extended meta information has these suffixes:
    • *.PLCnextRaC
    • *.PLCnextRaU
    • *.PLCnextRaR

We recommend that you use the more advanced PLCnext Store file format whenever possible.

Up to firmware version 2022.9Up to firmware version 2022.9 

Performing an offline activation 

When buying an app in the PLCnext Store, you will receive a license information file (WibuCmLIF). Save that file on your PC. 

Before installing the app you first have to activate the license by means of the Web-bsed Management on your device.
Create container button

Note: Up to firmware version 2022.9 there were two options to create a license container. The standard procedure as described above, and an alternative approach (Advanced option). Use the Advanced option only when you are asked to do so by the Phoenix Contact Support staff.

Show where to find the "Advanced Option" (available up to firmware version 2022.9Show where to find the "Advanced Option" (available up to firmware version 2022.9

The advanced option is only needed when you are asked by the licenser to import a special *.WibuCmLIF file.

  1. Performing the Offline Activation step 1Create license context

    1. If there is a ! No container found. note displayed, create a container directly via the standard procedure:
      1. At the Device  drop-down menu (optional, available from 2021.9), select whether you want to create a license container on the PLCnext device or on the SD card.
      2. Click on Create container.
        ↪ A *.WibuCmRaC or *.PLCnextRaC license context file will be created.
    2. Download the license context file and save it on your PC.
    3. Open the PLCnext Store and log in to your account.
    4. Upload the *.WibuCmRaC or *.PLCnextRaC license context file in the PLCnext Store.
      ↪ The PLCnext Store will generate a *.WibuCmRaU or *.PLCnextRaU (license update) file based on the information from the uploaded license context file.
    5. Download the generated update file and save it on your computer.
  2. Performing the Offline Activation step 2Upload license update

    1. Click on the Browse... button.
    2. Navigate to the *.WibuCmRaU or *.PLCnextRaU license update file on your computer.
    3. Click Next to upload.
      ↪ A *.WibuCmRaR or *.PLCnextRaR (license receipt) file is generated and provided for download.  
  3. Performing the Offline Activation step 3Create license receipt
    1. Download the *.WibuCmRaR or *.PLCnextRaR license receipt file from the WBM and save it on your computer. 

      Note: The UUID for devices only shows in firmware versions from 2022.6.
  4. Completing the licensing
    1. Open the PLCnext Store and log in to your account.
    2. Upload the license receipt file (*.WibuCmRaR or *.PLCnextRaR) in the PLCnext Store.

Advanced Options tab

Available from 2021.9

On the Advanced Options tab, the device-bound and SD card-bound license containers can be reset in their storage location. Note: The UUID for devices only shows in firmware versions from 2022.6.

  • Click on Delete, to reset the license container.
    ↪ The Confirmation dialog opens.
  • Only perform this action if instructed to do so by a Phoenix Contact support employee:
    Enterreset in the input field and click on Confirm
    ↪ All containers, licenses and files located in the chosen storage location will be deleted permanently.



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