Diagnostics - Integrated UPS

Available from 2022.6 for AXC F 3152RFC 4072S, and RFC 4072R


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How to get into the WBMHow to get into the WBM

Establishing a connection to the Web-based Management (WBM):

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
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    for example:

For further information, see WBM.

Integrated UPS page

Some PLCnext Control devices have an integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a failure at the external power supply, the device is shut down with the aid of this UPS, whereby the values of the retain variables in particular are saved. 

The Integrated UPS page provides status information on the integrated UPS.


The Status area displays warning or error messages about the UPS. The following messages may occur:

  • OK
  • Warning: Maintenance required!
  • Failure: Please change the PLC!
  • N/A

Charge Level

The Charge Level area displays the current charge status of the UPS in %.

Note: System variables for the integrated UPS are available for the applicative evaluation. Information on the variables can be found in UPS diagnostics.



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