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In the PLCnext Store Info Center you will find all information about the PLCnext Store, depending on what you have in mind and who you are:  

Customer sitting at a desk

PLCnext Store users  may want to... 

  • ... register in the PLCnext Store to benefit from the knowledge of the smartest companies
  • ... download and install apps and libraries
  • ... purchase or install a license

Developer looking on computer screens full of code

PLCnext Store developers may want to...

  • ... create apps and libraries
  • ... share their apps and libraries with many customers in industrial automation
  • ... monetize their knowledge

How to get in touch

Do not hesitate to connect with other PLCnext Store users around the world and our PLCnext Store team at Phoenix Contact  in Germany. Your questions, hints and feedback are always welcome.

  • If you are interested in the possibilities of the PLCnext Store, ask our PLCnext Store team and discuss your ideas with the community  in the Forum section in the PLCnext Community.
    To post your questions or ideas, please register (no cost, no newsletter bugging).
  • If you need further information, contact your local subsidiary of Phoenix Contact .
  • If you have any questions about the PLCnext Store Info Center, please send an email to the author.

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