Offline: installing a free Solution App, Function Extension, or Runtime 


A Solution App, Function Extension or Runtime (in the following referred to as "app" for short) is downloaded directly from the PLCnext Store to your controller. Using various parameterization options, you can individually adapt an app to your application.


Note: Registering in the PLCnext Store as well as downloading and using the offered applications is intended only for persons who act on behalf of a company.

The detail page of the app is displayed.

  • Make sure that the technical requirements (controller, firmware, I/O modules) for the app are met.
    The technical requirements can be found on the detail page for the corresponding app.
  • For further information, refer to the documentation for the app.
  • On the detail page, click the Install button.
  • In the Download the app container for offline installation area: accept the General Terms and Conditions of the PLCnext Store as well as the license agreement of the app provider ("Terms & Conditions"). 
  • Click the Download app container button.
  • In the dialog that opens, click the Download button.
  • Open the WBM of your device.
  • Open the PLCnext Apps page in the Administration area. 
  • To install the app, click the Install App button.
  • In the file explorer that opens, select the *.app file.
  • Click the Open button.

The app is installed and displayed in the Installed PLCnext Apps area.

  • Evaluate the app in the PLCnext Store after using it.





•  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari • 
• Published/reviewed: 2023-05-15 • Revision 12 •