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PLCnext Community – that is you… ​

…your team mate, the system integrator you never met (but who you send e-mails to almost every day), the student who will soon join your team, the docker expert you had a short discussion with the other day, and the software developer who is programming an app right now that you’ll need to get even further. ​

The PLCnext Community – that is all of us. Join and get involved.​

New and more effective forms of collaboration​

Shorter innovation times with a higher degree of innovation​

Faster application development, especially for complex applications

Less error-prone and faster bug-fixing​

Exchange ideas with other users, share experiences, or ask a question at any time​

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Write a Maker’s Blog

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Become a PLCnext developer

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PLCnext Technology on Social Media

There’s always someone talking about PLCnext Technology—and we hope you’ll add your voice. Whether you’re looking for user experiences, application, expert advice, informal chats, live event feeds, launch news, or industry trends, you’ll find them here. Just use and search the hashtags #plcnext​ and #iamplcnext.

Use and share open source code

Find open source code for PLCnext Technology on GitHub and start your own project. Use sample code for e.g. C++, C#, MQTT, Node-Red, or Docker. You can also download our PLCnext CLI for handling SDKs or build tasks when programming in C++.

Videos on YouTube

Find PLCnext Technology on YouTube and watch the latest videos. No matter what you are looking for – live recordings, customer experiences, use cases, and reports on fairs and events – here you can find video material related to PLCnext Technology. In order not to miss any new application examples and live reports, you can subscribe to the Phoenix Contact Technical Support YouTube channel and watch the latest clips on a regular basis.

Tutorials for technical support

Watch a tutorial on the Phoenix Contact Technical Support channel and learn more about PLCnext Technology. Tutorials include a wide range of knowledge according to your experience level from basic and introduction tutorials down to the nitty gritty of C++ programming, data logging, OPC UA, and debugging