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To keep pace in our fast-changing industrial world, we need to bring together know-how and expertise of the leading minds in our automation world. Our strong partner network with experts from all areas of the industry creates innovative strength and future viability.

Working together in an open ecosystem

Why the sum is more than its parts
When working together in the PLCnext Technology Ecosystem, one plus one does not equal two. Because the more partners there are, the more valuable it becomes for each individual participant.

The value of collaboration

Open ecosystems offer a huge opportunity to provide value. With specialists working together in a collaborative way contributing their expertise and expert knowledge enables growth on both ends. Collaboration makes it possible to solve problems and achieve goals that seem unattainable on their own. But collaboration in an open ecosystem is more than the handshake captured in a picture. Instead, it is a matter of attitude and mindset.

“Without trust we don’t truly collaborate, we merely coordinate or, at best cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team” ~ Stephen Covey, The Speed of Trust

Read more about what mindset it takes beyond trust to fully realize the potential of collaboration in open ecosystems.

“Demanding projects require more than just one specialist. All the better when these are clearly listed in the PLCnext Technology ecosystem so it only takes a few clicks to combine AnyViz Cloud and PLCnext Technology.”
Thomas Hepp Co-Founder of Mirasoft
“Even larger companies can hardly keep up with the range of technologies in ever shorter times on their own. There is a paradigm-shift on the manufacturer side: potential competitors are becoming cooperation partners.”
Tobias Unger General Manager European Technology Center, Yaskawa
“The goal must be to work with different experts to develop a solution for the customer. Only this results in speed of delivery and innovation.”
Jörn Steinbeck Co-Founder of oee.ai

Our network in numbers

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The network is growing: our PLCnext Technology Ecosystem is constantly being expanded by strong partners.
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Partners of the ecosystem
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Universities using PLCnext Technology
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Opportunities through collaboration

Strength through diversity

The right specialist for every area
The strength of the PLCnext Technology Partner network comes from the multitude of different competencies and areas of cooperation.

Joint commitment to innovation

In our industrial world, even larger companies can hardly provide the range of required technologies on their own in ever shorter times. That’s why we need a paradigm shift – potential competitors become cooperation partners.

A good example of this is the technology partnership between Phoenix Contact and Yaskawa. Yaskawa, as one of the largest drive, control and robotics manufacturers, has deliberately chosen PLCnext Technology as a powerful technology platform for its latest control generation. The reasons are obvious: openness, expandability and future viability.

The common goal of Yaskawa and Phoenix Contact is to drive the change from proprietary solutions to an open and future-proof ecosystem for industrial automation. A true technology partnership here also means a clear commitment to joint further development at the same time – this offers decisive advantages in terms of time-to-market costs and know-how.

Empowering people

To stay future-fit and to keep up with technology trends – training and education is the key. Together with strong partners, we offer innovative educational solutions in hands-on training, qualification and teaching in technical education.

In close cooperation with Realpars, the world’s largest online learning platform for automation engineers, we jointly develop training concepts for PLC programming.

Through our alliance with the learning specialist Tech Education, of we offer a holistic teaching and learning portfolio for technical education institutions in the field of automation. The international network of universities connected here now includes more than 140 institutions.

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