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Innovation through swarm intelligence

For a sustainable future

With swarm intelligence towards the future of smart sustainable automation
Together with the PLCnext community, we have created a smart version of a beehive that uses intelligent automation to improve the lives of bees through intelligent automation and thus makes a sustainable contribution to our environment. Bees are essential to our ecosystem: they pollinate around 80% of all wild and cultivated plants, ensuring high-yield harvests and an immense immense variety of food.

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beehyve headquarter

Smart hive at it’s finest

At Phoenix Contact, we’re not just a team of engineers, technicians, and production workers. Among us there are also very many hobby beekeepers. Together, we’ve harnessed our swarm intelligence to create a cutting-edge hive. Fusing expertise in machine and trade fair construction with the latest PLCnext Technology hardware, we’ve integrated sensors measuring heat, humidity, and weight. Additionally, we’ve explored possibilities like thermal imaging cameras and a flight hole inspection camera. This hive is now home to a thriving bee colony, providing us with real-time data for our innovative projects.

The beehyve

A groundbreaking crowd project by PLCnext Technology
Within ten months, IT specialists, automation specialists, development partners, cyber security experts, app developers, as well as universities and scientists made The Beehyve a reality. In addition to innovative projects on artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing, augmented reality, cyber security, and data infrastructure and visualization, a digital twin of the hive was created where you can find information on its carbon footprint.
Over 100 participants
50,000 new community members
48 million data points in the proficloud
Countless new networks within the community
50kg of harvested honey
2.8 Terrabyte of image data
6 realized projects in just 10 months

Bee data

Always keeping an eye on the bees

Take a peak into our smart beehive, where our bees are not just buzzing around but also generating valuable data. Just access our Bee Dashboard and use these login details:


Password: Beehyve:2023!


Paving the way for innovation

Let’s talk about it

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