PLCnext Engineer

Engineering Software for PLCnext devices

PLCnext Engineer

Speed up your application process​

PLCnext Engineer is the engineering tool for your PLCnext project. By combining all the essential functions for the engineering process in one software package, the flexible engineering tool is more than an all-in-one tool for conventional programming. ​
  • configuration
  • programming according to IEC 61131-3 
  • ​​Safety programming and configuration​
  • visualization
  • diagnostics

With PLCnext Engineer you can easily configure your PROFINET networks, integrate high level language programs or MATLAB® Simulink® models and commission and manage them on a PLCnext Control.​

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Free download

Download the free version or add even more functions and interfaces with optional add-ins. ​

Your benefits

Flexible expansions for full individuality

Adapt the free basic version to your application needs.
Additional function add-ins allow for increased functional scope. Safety solutions, a MATLAB®/Simulink® Viewer or a visualization generator can be easily integrated into the engineering platform.
Accelerate your application development by using ready-made solutions and software modules from the PLCnext Store.

For more information on available add-ins please visit our website.

Free choice of language and tools

PLCnext Engineer offers intuitive programming according to IEC 61131-3 and supports the following languages:

Structured Text
Ladder Diagram
Function Block Diagram
Sequential Function Chart

For graphical programming languages, you can choose between network-oriented or free graphical programming, and mix the different languages within program organization units.

Convenient configuration

PLCnext Engineer provides convenient handling when connecting high-level language programs and the standard automation. ​

You can easily configure your PROFINET networks, run high-level language programs or MATLAB®/Simulink® models, and start up and manage these on a PLCnext Control. You can link all variables and interfaces via the data lists, for example, in order to directly connect physical inputs and outputs to high-level language code and to exchange data. ​

As a result, the startup and maintenance of highly complex systems without any IEC 61131-3 code is also greatly simplified with PLCnext Engineer.

Discover our highlights​

Safety Programming​
Web-based visualization
Diagnostics of the overall system
Viewer for MATLAB®/Simulink®​

PLCnext Info Center

Any questions left?
In the PLCnext Info Center you see how to get started with PLCnext Engineer. The PLCnext Info Center gives information to all relevant topics related to your engineering projects with PLCnext Engineer, and to other components of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem.

The starter kit

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