Enhance the Beehive

Getting Bee-Data into the Cloud

The cloud as a fundamental place for data infrastructure

Created on: 29/03/2023

Securing the Buzz: Easy and secure Data Transfer, Visualization, and Management for a smarter digital Beehive

In the Beehive project, we as Phoenix Contact Smart Business take care of the secure transfer of data to the Smart Services on Proficloud.io and its provision for further services.

In doing so, we provide other project participants with the ability to access time series data through the Time Series Date Service. This service allows an initial visualization and analysis of the data without much effort. Other project participant can use the API to have the required data available on demand everywhere on the world.

In addition, the health status of the digital beehive’s PLCnext Control can be monitored with the Proficloud.io’s Device Management Service. Should an update of firmware or application be necessary, this can be conveniently performed from the cloud. All this is helpful to keep the beehive secure.

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