Enhance the Beehive

Process optimization through AR

Using augmented reality for projecting a virtual hive or industrial processes

Created on: 14/06/2023

Using augmented reality for projecting a virtual hive or industrial processes

The idea

A group of Phoenix Contact engineers created an AR model to depict two remarkable scenarios. Firstly, they enhanced a real beehive by overlaying captivating, augmented reality elements, thus enriching the beekeeping experience with additional information and visuals. Secondly, they enabled users to project a virtual representation of that beehive onto a specific point in their environment using their own devices. This immersive capability allows users to interact with the virtual beehive, exploring its intricate features and explore collected data in an engaging manner.

The solution

The group’s next step was to create a visually appealing CAD model, which is meticulously textured to resemble a real beehive. This stunning model was created using an advanced augmented reality platform. The team built on its expertise to develop the optimal visualization method to display the sensor data along with the hive model. Using the augmented reality platform, a seamless connection was created between the sensor data and the virtual hive. The data was then securely uploaded to an external cloud for easy access and storage.

Adaption to industrial world

This project was initially launched and carried out as part of the global BeeHyve campaign by PLCnext Technology. However, the implementation of such a sophisticated AR model can of course also be used for various scenarios within an industrial setting. Augmented reality animations of entire production lines or parts of them for example could not only help planning and building these production lines, but also simplify the management as well as maintenance of them once they are in place. Establishing AR models is a great way of reducing errors in design and creation stages but also in keeping processes running smoothly.

Let’s talk about it

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