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Cloud-based Data Visualization

All bee-information at a glance

Created on: 08/03/2023

Transforming Beekeeping with AnyViz: Cloud-based Platform for real-time Hive Monitoring and Optimization

The AnyViz Cloud Platform will collect all relevant data and create a digital twin of the hive. For this, Proficloud, PLCnext Control, IP cameras and external data sources such as weather data are connected.

With stunning dashboards, insightful data analysis and live streams of the cameras, the bee colony can be monitored around the clock. AI-based anomaly detection will inform beekeepers promptly via push notifications when the bees’ working conditions change. Beekeepers can keep an eye on their colony from anywhere thanks to the cloud.

These insights into the world of bees should help us understand them better, optimize their conditions and ease the beekeepers’ work.

Get to know the people behind the idea: Three questions to Mirasoft

We are curious to get to know the people behind the ideas. Who are the members of the team?

“We are Thomas and Matthias, the founders of Mirasoft.”

How did you come up with this idea and what was your motivation behind it?

“Our goal is to simplify the world of automation. Our IoT platform is used in many areas. From large factories, to energy plants, to mobile chicken coops. So why not in the beehive too!!! This is another area where data analytics, monitoring and anomaly detection can provide helpful insights and ensure trouble-free “operation”.”

Bees are remarkable animals, but which bee fact surprised or impressed you the most?

“Beehives are probably the smallest and most efficient factories we know. Each bee knows its job, resulting in up to 80,000 bees working together in one colony. All this succeeds without supervisors, rule books or handling instructions.”


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