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The cloud-based app solution AnyViz is an easy-to-use control center for PLC controls and processes

Created on: 08/03/2023

The cloud-based app solution AnyViz is an easy-to-use control center for PLC controls and processes

The idea

As more and more aspects of industrial processes are being digitalized, it becomes more important to access and control each and every component of these processes. The software developers from Mirasoft in Germany have created an app that enables an intuitively simple visualization and management of all PLCs, regardless of their function and physical location.

The solution

AnyViz features a highly flexible dashboard that can display any number of PLCs in any sort of automated setup. The user can easily modify and thus personalize the way each control component is being visualized by choosing from an array of different visualization tools within the app. Whatever parameter is most relevant for the respective PLC, AnyViz offers a suiting display widget. For example, if an AI camera is used for surveillance, the feed from this camera could be integrated into the AnyViz dashboard. But not only that. By defining protocols and presets, AnyViz can inform or even alarm the user in case a malfunction occurs. In the case of the surveillance camera that could be someone entering the premises.

Another good example where AnyViz proves to be very helpful is the management of energy within an industrial setting. By monitoring and displaying each power consumer individually, it becomes simple to track the energy efficiency of the entire setup and make adjustments if needed, all through AnyViz.

One of the advantages of AnyViz is the fact that it is cloud based. That means that the software can be operated from anywhere in the world via the internet. To make it even more practicable, the app runs on merely all mobile devices, making it possible to access, visualize and manage all PLC processes on any smart phone, handheld or notebook.

AnyViz meets Beehyve

Of course, this sort of software solution is ideal for monitoring and controlling a smart beehive as well. And Mirasoft was eager to adjust AnyViz to perfectly cater the needs of beekeepers as part of the global PLCnext Technology Beehyve campaign. By displaying all sensors inside and outside the hive, the beekeeper can now check all important parameters such as weight, temperature, humidity, weather conditions, and so on simultaneously. At the moment, the Mirasoft team is working on a feature that will notify the beekeeper once a bee population is preparing to swarm.

AnyViz by Mirasoft can be purchased and downloaded via the PLCnext Store. It is one of the many extremely useful tools to help run automation processes with PLCnext Technology smoothly. It is one of the many partnerships that ultimately benefit all users of our open platform approach.

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