Getting Started with PLCnext Technology

Welcome to PLCnext Technology. This guide will help you to get your hardware all set up, download and install PLCnext Engineer, and start with your first sample project which is to automate a coffee machine. And who doesn’t like coffee, right?

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Scope of delivery

  • Board (including PLCnext Control AXC F 2152, Axioline F Backplane, and four Axioline Smart Elements)
  • Power supply unit (incl. country plug)
  • Patch cable
  • Stickers
  • Welcome card
  • Feet

1. Connect your starterkit

  • Connect the PLCnext Control to your computer by using the patch cable provided
  • Plug-In the power supply

2. The PLCnext Control will now start up automatically. This may take a few minutes.

  • When the controller is started up the LEDs are flashing as followed:
  • RUN = lights up green
  • D = lights up yellow
  • BF-D = flashing red in 0.5 hz cycle
  • Your PLCnext Control is now ready to operate.

3. Download PLCnext Engineer

The software can be downloaded here:

Download PLCnext Engineer

Make sure to download the latest PLCnext Engineer software version.

4. Install PLCnext Engineer

  • Double-click the *.exe file to start installation
  • Follow the instructions in the installation wizard

At this point you have finished the startup of your PLCnext Technology starterkit. If you wish to proceed with your own automation project you can of course do so. In case you need more guidance with your first project, follow the next few steps.

5. Download the Starterkit Example Project

Download the Starterkit Example Project from the PLCnext Store

Download Example Project

6. Open Starterkit Example Project in PLCnext Engineer and connect to your PLCnext Control

  • Double-Click the [ProjectFile] to open the Example Project
  • Connect to your PLCnext Control
  • Username: admin
    Password: See upper part of the housing
  • In order to connect your controller, you need a password which you can find onto the PLCnext Control

7. Download project to your PLCnext Control

Press F5 to download project When the project has finished being downloaded to your controller the LEDs are flashing as followed:

  • D = lights up green
  • RUN = lights up green
  • BF-D = flashing red in 0.5 hz cycle
  • Running lights start on AXL SE DO16 module

8. Connect to WebVisu of the example project

  • Open your browser and enter:
  • You can now use the switches on your starterkit board to control the coffee machine
  • Switch 1: Running lights start
  • Switch 2: Brewing coffee
  • Switch 3: Display binary clock
  • Switch 4: Let the LEDs of the AXL SE DO16 light up according to the slide position of the slider

9. Still questions left?

You have got a question? Then ask directly in the forum. Other users or one of our PLCnext Technology experts will answer your question as soon as possible.

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