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How to log data from PLCnext to IXON Cloud

The data logging feature from IXON Cloud lets you log data securely from the PLCnext device to the IXON Cloud. It collects, prepares, transmits and stores data using a secure MQTT connecting automatically from the PLCnext device to the IXON Cloud platform. Just define the parameters you want to log and the interval when (log on interval, log on change, or log on trigger).

The gathered data can be used for further analysis and optimisation of your system or processes. Use it to send alarms (like when an emergency button is pressed or production line stops) or compose your data dashboards. These additional features are available in your IXON Cloud portal.

How to setup data logging for PLCnext in IXON Cloud

The PLCnext device supports the Modbus TCP/IP and OPC-UA protocol. Both protocols can be used to monitor the variables of your PLCNext device.

First, install the IXON Cloud Connector from the PLCnext store and connect it to your IXON Cloud portal (see article: How to enable remote VPN access for PLCnext using IXON Cloud). Then follow these steps:

  1. Activate Cloud Logging
    See detailed instructions here.
  2. Add a data source and add variables
    Use the PLCnext as a data source and select Modbus or OPC-UA for communication protocol. Add or import all variables you want to use for data logging. See detailed instructions here: ModBus TCP/IPOPC-UA
  3. Configure data tags and triggers
    Define when (interval, trigger, change) should be a variable logged. Using triggers you can define criteria so the data is logged only when it meets it. See detailed instructions here.
  4. Build your data dashboards
    Now the data is available you can build custom dashboards with built-in widgets for presenting historical data or a live monitor with real-time data. Create a new dashboard and customise it with the drag and drop editor. See detailed instructions here

Tip: Using the IXON Cloud mobile app, you can monitor your PLCnext device from your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android.

Besides data logging feature, you can setup a secure VPN connection from remote, access the web server or send alarms based on machine events.

Short video demonstration

This video demonstrates what you can expect from the IXON Cloud connector for PLCnext:

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