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PLCnext Technology is much more than just a great vision. Operators and developers experience every day how PLCnext Technology opens the doors to the future! Experience a selection of projects that are already "Made with PLCnext Technology". There is much to discover. Let us enhance automation thinking together!

Use collective intelligence of the crowd


Brewing Craft Beer, artisan beer, is trending. The number of craft beer brewers and breweries is growing steadily. Alone in the Facebook community on the topic of CraftbeerPi, more than 6000 hobby brewers, as well as, professional brew masters from 76 countries exchange views on the subject. While these working styles are slowly trending in the traditional automation environment, there are other areas where collaborative development in communities is already a common practice. They all have one thing in common: the desire to become better and more efficient and, as a result, the pursuit of increasing automation and professionalization.

Come with us to the estate brewery Das Freie near Hanover. We will show you how we converted a brewery from a Raspberry Pi solution to a certified industrial control system with the PLCnext Technology Ecosystem.

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Sustainability concept for the Swiss Federal Railways



In the context of sustainability issues in recent years, more and more hope has been put into digitalization. PLCnext Technology helps to create green and sustainable solutions. The goal: to automate and digitize weed killing and thus to dispense with chemicals.

Specifically, this project is about our cooperation with the Swiss Federal Railways (short SBB). The weeds on the track must be regularly removed to ensure the operation of the train is safe. Currently, this is happening with glyphosate and by hand. Together with a team from SBB we have developed an application which makes it possible to completely eliminate the future use of glyphosate.

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The community is so much more creative than I ever could be by myself.

Manuel Fritsch, Founder CraftbeerPi
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And the reaction time is really in the millisecond range. That must be right. Real-time execution is therefore very important to us

Lukas Tanner, Environmental and sustainability management, Schweizer Bundesbahn
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The importance of this technology is constantly increasing

Uwe Krüger, Head of Operations, Power Plants Group Wilhelmshaven
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Of course, it is very important for us to take care of IT security and always stay up to date

Philipp Eiben, Process monitoring Huntorf power plant
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We can use PLCnext Control perfectly in order to connect the existing control system with future systems

Jürg Oehlinger, Market Manager Energy, PHOENIX CONTACT AG
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In the past it was annoying if my system was not one hundred percent fail-safe.

Christoph Digwa, Founder and owner of the estate brewery "Das Freie”
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Making old plants fit for the future


We have to adjust faster and faster to new technologies, including technologies that are considered futuristic even by today’s standards. By the way -- when Huntorf began operation in 1978, the Walkman had just come onto the market. It has now been completely replaced by the smartphone. But why throw away an entire power plant - if you can easily update it to future technologies?

That's why we developed PLCnext Technology, an open ecosystem which makes the future possible today. Using the Huntorf power plant, we will show you how PLCnext Technology can integrate future technologies into existing systems.

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Avoid plant failures

In the process industry, machine failure would need enormous effort. Even a quick repair can take weeks or, in the worst case, months. And in this time the plant would not be available. And that would be a catastrophe for the company, of course. In order to minimize plant downtimes, possible defects should be detected early on - even before they occur. Maintenance and repairs can thus be optimized in the context of predictive maintenance. But what does PLCnext Technology do at this point?

In this pilot project TU Dresden, a chemical company, and Phoenix Contact work together: research and industry, hardware and software. The project brings together three very different partners with different backgrounds and project requirements. PLCnext Technology is not only the basis of the project but rather the adapter, the connector of these three very different players.

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