Webinar: Matlab Libraries

Date: 13 August 2020

Time: 10:00 AM (CET), Germany 10:00 AM (LT)

Language: English

Speaker: Götz Jäckel

In this webinar you will be part of a live demonstration of implementing a Matlab library on a PLCnext Technology device. In the demo, the necessary configuration is performed to execute code of the library. You'll also be participating with your own PLCnext Technology starterkit to experience the library access first hand. But don't worry - you can also join the webinar if you don't have a starterkit available. After the demonstation there will be time to answer your individual questions.

Check in for Webinar

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of automation engineering




For the session it is necessary to provide an ethernet adapter supporting the IP range of 192.168.1.x.



Length: ca. 45 min

  1. Introduction and Explanation of the topic (5min)
  2. Hands-on demonstration on PLCnext Technology starterkit (30min)
  3. Q&A (10min) 


Webinar goal

 By completing this webinar you'll know how to include a Matlab library into your project and to invoke its modules.


About the speaker

Götz Jäckel is a trainer as part of the sales team at PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH, Industry Management and Automation. He looks back on over 20 years of experience in automation technology and has been sharing his knowledge in webinars and seminars for the past 5 years.