Webinar: Basics of PLCnext Technology

Date: 09 December 2021

Time: 04:00 PM (CET), Netherlands 04:00 PM (LT)

Language: Dutch

Speaker: Harm Geurink

During this webinar the participant gets acquainted with the unique characteristics of PLCnext Technology. In addition, the architecture of the classic PLC, the PLCnext Technology and other control solutions will be discussed.

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Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of automation engineering






No requirements



Length: ca. 45 min

  1. Why was PLCnext Technology developed?
  2. What does the architecture of PLCnext Technology look like?
  3. What makes PLCnext Technology so unique?
  4. Elements of the PLCnext Ecosystem
  5. Where can I find more information about PLCnext Technology?


You are invited to connect 10 to 5 minutes before.


About the speaker

Harm Geurink is Product Manager Industrial Automation Systems at Phoenix Contact B.V. in the Netherlands. He has more than 25 years of experience in industrial automation technology.