Webinar: C++ Components for non-realtime applications

Date: 26 July 2021

Time: 09:00 AM (CET), Germany 09:00 AM (LT)

Language: English

Speaker: Christiane Kownatzki

This webinar will give you an overview of using C++ Components for non-realtime applications. You will learn how to access the Global Data Space and how to run code cyclically by working with threads. Additionally, you will get an overview of Remote Service Calls (RSC). All necessary steps will be explained in a small demo example.

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Prior knowledge

Basic C++ programming experience and understanding of PLCnext Technology






No requirements



Length: ca. 120 min

  1. General introduction to C++ components (20min)
  2. Example of a PLM component (40min)
  3. Example of an ACF component (30 min)
  4. General introduction to C++ RSC services (10min)
  5. Example of accessing the PDI data via RSC service (20min)


You are invited to connect 10 to 5 minutes before.


Webinar Goal

By completing the webinar you'll know about the handling of C++ Components, how to instantiate them and how to access the Global Data Space (GDS) from there. Additionally, you will have an overview about RSC services and their use.


About the speaker

Christiane Kownatzki is trainer as part of the sales team at PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH, Industry Management and Automation.