YouTube Livestream:
New collaborations in industrial automation & future visions


Collaborations, partnership and networking are one answer to the changing demands in industrial automation. We can only solve the requirements of digitalization together. PLCnext Technology, the open ecosystem provides the optimal basis for this.

We ask Ulrich Leidecker (Phoenix Contact), Jörn Steinbeck (, Torsten Dierkes (Teamviewer) and Tobias Unger (Yaskawa) –  What are your visions on collaboration and partnership in times of digital transformation?

Join the expert talk and ask your question now in the comments below – your question could be the one to be answered live!

Please note, that this livestream will be in German. We will make subtitles available shortly afterwards.

Ulrich Leidecker, Yaskawa,, TeamViewer
YouTube Livestream:
New collaborations in industrial automation & future visions
Start: 23 November 2021
4:30 pm (CET)


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