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System variables – PROFINET

System variables – PROFINET Available for AXC F x152, RFC 4072S ‒ for RFC 4072R see System variables – Redundancy The following tables list the PROFINET system variables of the integrated PROFINET controller and  PROFINET device functionality.   PROFINET controller functionality System variable Type Description PNIO_SYSTEM_BF BOOL No connection to a configured… Read More

System variables of the safety-related firmware

System variables of the safety-related firmware Available for RFC 4072S,  or AXC F 2152/AXC F 3152 with SPLC 1000 Information on the system variables of the safety-related PLCnext firmware features can be found in the user manuals for the RFC 4072S controller or the safety-related extension module AXC F XT SPLC 1000. See Hardware documentation for details and links to the user manuals. Read More

System variables – Axioline F

System variables – Axioline F Available for AXC F x152  Axioline F diagnostic status register Information on the operating state of the Axioline F local bus is stored in the diagnostic status register. A specific Axioline F local bus state is assigned to each bit in the diagnostic status… Read More

System variables – EtherNet/IP™ targets

System variables – EtherNet/IP™ targets Available for AXC F 2152 (from firmware release 2019.3), for AXC F 1152 and AXC F 3152 (all available firmware releases) A PLCnext controller can be operated as slave device in an EtherNet/IP™ (EIP) network, provided that this functionality is available. As of now, the controller can only be used as target, but not as I/O controller. Read More

System variables – INTERBUS master

System variables – INTERBUS master Available for AXC F x152 On INTERBUS master devices, three diagnostic registers map the diagnostic display to the control system: diagnostic status registers diagnostic parameter registers extended diagnostic parameter registers They inform the control system about the current state of the INTERBUS system. In the application… Read More

System variables

System variables System time Available for AXC F x152, RFC 4072S, and RFC 4072R Note: For RFC 4072R, see additional variables in System variables – Redundancy.  The RTC system variable is a system variable organized as a data structure. The RTC system variable can be used to retrieve information on the system time of the… Read More

IEC 61131‑3 languages with PLCnext Technology

IEC 61131‑3 languages with PLCnext Technology You can use the PLCnext Engineer software to program and configure your automation application in languages standardized in IEC 61131‑3: Structured Text (ST) Function Block Diagram (FBD) Ladder Diagram (LD) Of course you can use other programming environments for that purpose, too. Some features are… Read More

Redundancy-specific system variables

Redundancy-specific system variables Available for RFC 4072R from 2022.0 LTS In addition to the general PLCnext Technology system variables, the following system variables are available for operating a redundant system of controllers.  Information on the redundant control system Redundancy role The LOCAL_RDNCY_INFO system variable is organized as a data structure. Read More

System variables – ESM tasks and HMI clients

System variables – ESM tasks and HMI clients ESM task handling Available for  AXC F x152, RFC 4072S, RFC 4072R Programs and program parts are treated as tasks in PLCnext Engineer. Individual tasks are coordinated and processed in the Execution and Synchronization Manager (ESM). The ESM_DATA system variable can be used to retrieve… Read More

System variables and status information

System variables and status information Available for AXC F x152, RFC 4072S, RFC 4072R, SPLC 1000 This section describes the system variables that are available for PLCnext Control devices. These controllers have a register set that is used for diagnostics and easy control of the controller and the Axioline F local bus. The diagnostic data is stored… Read More