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Reverse Connect 

Reverse Connect  Available from firmware version 2022.9 What problem should be solved In some automation applications the PLCnext device is connected to the internet. In this case, a basic security requirement is to reduce the open ports to prevent attacks from the internet. The Reverse Connect… Read More

OPC UA session 

OPC UA session  Creation The eUA server supports a limited amount of concurrent sessions depending on the controller type (Device-specific OPC UA settings).   The server verifies the ClientCertificate for secure endpoints when creating a session. Make sure that the ApplicationURI specified in the ApplicationDescription matches the… Read More

Connection configuration

Connection configuration Definition in PLCnext Engineer or connection XML files The OPC UA client can be configured in PLCnext Engineer from version 2023.3. We recommend to use PLCnext Engineer for the configuration (see also Tutorial – OPC UA setup for PLCnext Control).  In addition to PLCnext Engineer, the connections… Read More

Quickstart OPC UA server configuration

Quickstart OPC UA server configuration Tutorial video Note: Tutorial videos are embedded from the Phoenix Contact Technical Support YouTube channel.  With playing an embedded YouTube video in this platform, you accept the YouTube Terms & Conditions. Even showing the video previews on this page depends on your personal settings… Read More

Global Data Space 

Global Data Space  The GlobalDataSpace namespace All programs and variables from the IEC 61131 context are displayed in the namespace. Via the namespace, the corresponding NamespaceIndex can be determined from the NamespaceArray. The NamespaceIndex is a numeric value for identification of the namespace. It is saved in the… Read More

OPC UA discovery/connection options 

OPC UA discovery/connection options  Server The eUA server provides an ApplicationDescription with the fields ApplicationUri, ApplicationName and DiscoveryUrl. These fields include the HostName, which is either the IP address of the controller or the DNS name (DNS Name / IP Address input field in PLCnext Engineer).  Endpoints… Read More

Introduction to information models

Introduction to information models The PLCnext Technology eUA server provides these IEC 62541-5 compliant information models: External information models Alarms and conditions Device information Historical data access File access Global Data Space Common OPC UA terminology This topic describes some common OPC UA… Read More

Adding External Information Models 

Adding External Information Models  In this topic, we describe the features that allow the integration of external information models into the embedded OPC UA server of PLCnext: First, the storage of the required NodeSet.xml files is described Then the instance NodeSet.xml as a special form is explained. We show how… Read More

Device-specific OPC UA® settings and limitations

Device-specific OPC UA® settings and limitations OPC UA server The PLCnext Technology controllers have the following device-specific default OPC UA® settings: Target Maximum number of sessions Minimum supported sample rate Available sample rates AXC F 1152 3 100 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 AXC F 2152… Read More

OPC UA® monitored item and subscription

OPC UA® monitored item and subscription An OPC UA® client can subscribe to a list of variables that are then monitored for changes by the GDS. The variables are checked for changes at a defined interval. When subscribing to a variable, the client can define a sample rate, which is then served by… Read More