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Alias Names

Alias Names Available from 2022.6 The eUA Server supports Alias Names according to the OPC UA specification OPC 10000-17 – Part 17: Alias Names. The functionality of Alias Names is to reference one or multiple nodes in a server address space using a custom name. The eUA… Read More

Reverse Connect 

Reverse Connect  Available from firmware version 2022.9 What problem should be solved In some automation applications the PLCnext device is connected to the internet. In this case, a basic security requirement is to reduce the open ports to prevent attacks from the internet. The Reverse Connect… Read More

OPC UA session 

OPC UA session  Creation The eUA server supports a limited amount of concurrent sessions depending on the controller type (Device-specific OPC UA settings).   The server verifies the ClientCertificate for secure endpoints when creating a session. Make sure that the ApplicationURI specified in the ApplicationDescription matches the… Read More

Device-specific OPC UA settings 

Device-specific OPC UA settings  The PLCnext Technology controllers have the following device-specific OPC UA settings: Target Maximum number of sessions Minimum supported sample rate Available sample rates AXC F 1152 3 100 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 AXC F 2152 5 100 100,… Read More

OPC UA Historical Access (HA) 

OPC UA Historical Access (HA)  Available from 2019.6 Standard OPC UA HA enables the OPC UA clients to access the historical data of the PLCnext Technology DataLogger. You can call selected variables from a database using OPC UA HA. To use OPC UA HA for the data of GDS variables, the variables must be present in at least one… Read More

How to integrate an external information model 

How to integrate an external information model  Note: This is an advanced topic which requires knowledge about OPC UA and XML file generation. In addition, some understanding of the tools UaExpert and UaModeler is required.  This guide is based on the Process Automation Device Information Model (PA-DIM), a companion… Read More

Overview to OPC UA with PLCnext Technology

Overview to OPC UA with PLCnext Technology OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a standardized protocol for industrial IT and OT communication. On request, an OPC UA server provides an OPC UA client with process data and variable values from a running application. The PLCnext Control devices contain an embedded OPC UA server (eUA). In addition to the… Read More


OPC UA PubSub Available from firmware 2022.0 LTS on all PLCnext Control devices Configurable in PLCnext Engineer from software release 2022.0 LTS Starting with firmware 2022.0 LTS, the PLCnext Technology firmware has an implementation of the OPC UA Publish and Subscribe specification (PubSub) as a new communication protocol. This enables the… Read More

Introduction to information models

Introduction to information models The PLCnext Technology eUA server provides these IEC 62541-5 compliant information models: External information models Alarms and conditions Device information Historical data access File access Global Data Space Common OPC UA terminology This topic describes some common OPC UA… Read More

Profile and facets 

Profile and facets  The eUA Server implements the Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile and supports the following facets: Facets: Global Certificate Management Server Facet Historical Raw Data Server Facet A & C Alarm Server Facet File Access Server Facet DI BaseDevice… Read More