Basic PLCnext Technology

Learn the basics about the new open ecosystem for industrial automation in a practical training with starterkit

Language: Spanish

Location: Online


Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology is an open ecosystem, including an open control platform with a modular software solution, meeting all the requirements of the IoT world.

We have designed a practical workshop where each participant will use a PLCnext Control simulation to launch a complete automation application. Conventional PLC automation, use of free software, Proficloud cloud communications, and access to the PLCnext Store will be combined.


  • Brief theoretical explanations
  • Practical demonstrations in small groups.

Who is this training designed for?

The course is aimed at software developers, programmers, machine manufacturers, and designers of machines and facilities.


Please download PLCnext Engineer before this trainings starts. We’ll send you an email 48 hours before the trainings starts as a reminder. This email includes instructions and a link to the download section of PLCnext Engineer. With that link you download the simulation mode of AXC F 1152.


2 days


In this workshop you will learn about the foundations of PLCnext Technology which represents a paradigm shift in industrial automation. Instead of a closed system owned by a manufacturer, an open ecosystem is made available to the user which can be programmed in a multitude of different languages, but with the robustness of a traditional PLC.

Registration and dates available

Please use one of the following links to register for the desired training date.

20-21 April 2022

25-26 May 2022