PLCnext Engineer – The programming tool

Learn how to create IEC 61131 projects with PLCnext Engineer

Language: German

Location: Austria (On site)

Total number of Trainings: 8

If you already have some experience in the field of programming PLC systems, this course offers you a quick introduction to IEC 61131 programming with the PLCnext Engineer software platform from Phoenix Contact.


  • Getting to know the interface of the PLCnext Engineer tool
  • Creation of a project
  • Handling of the editors
  • Ladder programming
  • Function block programming
  • Structured text programming
  • Step chain programming
  • User-defined data types
  • Creating and using libraries
  • Debug mode
  • eHMI

Who is this training designed for?

Master craftsmen, technicians, engineers, software and hardware developers, consultants, etc. involved in design, development, operation, maintenance and management of IACS. In general, all persons with an interest in understanding cybersecurity requirements and objectives for IACS.


Fundamentals of automation technology, programming experience.


At the end of the course you will be able to use PLCnext Engineer to create IEC61131 projects. You know the functionalities of the software and gain an impression of the visualization. By means of exercises you have internalized the internalized the possibilities of the software.


1 day


€1,050- excl vat

Registration and dates available

Please use one of the following links to register for the desired training date.

06 June 2022
Dornbirn, Austria

07 June 2022
Graz, Austria

08 June 2022
Linz, Austria

09 June 2022
Vienna, Austria

10 October 2022
Dornbirn, Austria

11 October 2022
Graz, Austria

12 October 2022
Linz, Austria

13 October 2022
Vienna, Austria