PLCnext Technology Basics (incl. Starterkit)

Dive into the world of modern PLC programming with a combination of IEC 61131 and high-level languages in PLCnext Engineer

Language: German

Location: Austria (On site)

Total number of Trainings: 8

For this short training course you will receive a fully assembled PLCnext Technology starterkit, including a PLCnext Control AXC F 2152, I/O modules AXL Smart Elements DI16/DO16/A14, slide potentiometer, pushbutton, plug-in power supply and patch cable.

If you already have some experience in programming PLC systems, this course offers you a quick introduction to IEC 61131 programming and the creation of high-level language blocks with the PLCnext Engineer software platform from Phoenix Contact. Furthermore, an introduction to the handling of the open Linux system of PLCnext Control and containerization (Docker) with podman© is given.


  • Getting to know the PLCnext Technology ecosystem
  • Commissioning of the starterkit
  • First steps with the engineering software PLCnext Engineer
  • Creating a block with Visual Studio© in C# and integration in IEC 61131
  • Running a Debian Linux with podman©

Who is this training designed for?

Technicians, engineers, software and hardware developers, consultants, etc. involved in the design, development, operation, maintenance, and management of IACS. In general, anyone with an interest in understanding cybersecurity requirements and objectives for IACS.

The participation fee includes seminar materials as well as a PLCnext Technology starterkit and one year of free access to the Phoenix Contact Proficloud.




1 day


€980.- excl vat

Registration and dates available

Please use one of the following links to register for the desired training date.

30 May 2022
Dornbirn, Austria

31 May 2022
Graz, Austria

01 June 2022
Linz, Austria

02 June 2022
Vienna, Austria

26 September 2022
Dornbirn, Austria

27 September 2022
Graz, Austria

28 September 2022
Linz, Austria

29 September 2022
Vienna, Austria