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PLCnext Technology – every developer’s darling

How the independent app development company Reisenbauer benefits from the open and adaptable PLCnext Technology Ecosystem. Read More

Loaded, blue and just-in-time – AGV solutions from Phoenix Contact

AGVs are an intelligent solution for making processes more efficient and increasing flexibility. Read how PLCnext Technology can help fulfill the complex requirements of today´s AGVs. Read More

Driving progress in redundance technology

An easy-to-implement combination of hard- and software makes traffic run smoothly at a tunnel system in Belgium. Read More

PLCnext Technology “Best in Class” as open digital Platform

PLCnext Technology is rated as "Best in Class" in the category "OPEN DIGITAL PLATFORMS for Machine-edge-centric Industrial IoT in EUROPE 2022". Read More

A smart factory that builds digital efficiency

PLCnext Factory is a good example of how Edge Computing with PLCnext Control keeps production processes running more smoothly. Read More

Industrial components for industrious processes

A successful collaboration between PLCnext Technology and Codecentric to create a next level distance tracking method. Read More

A forum that accelerates innovation

How the Crowd Intelligence of the PLCnext Community helped realize an Artificial Intelligence project. Read More

Open Source in industrial Automation

Open Source is of central importance for Industry 4.0 and IoT. Powerful and open control platforms use an open source Linux as a basis. The openness enables the use of free software for individual control tasks or applications. This minimizes not only the development costs and risks, but also increases… Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Industry: Evaluate on Site, optimize immediately

The increasing use of AI in industrial application can solve highly complex challenges. Read about examples of how such solutions can look in various application areas. Read More

Creating tailor-made solutions

How PLCnext Technology helped a German solar park save energy and reduce costs. Read More