Traeger GmbH


Who is Traeger?

More and more software solutions – developed in high-level languages – are required in production. This requires additional hardware such as industrial PCs. With the PLCnext Control generation, however, a PLC is enriched with the possibilities of software developed in high-level languages. The ideal ecosystem for Codabix® as communication middleware.

Traeger has been supporting companies with digitalization up to Industry 4.0 since 1992. As one of the leading providers of software and hardware solutions for industrial communication, Traeger provides access to machine and production data. With over 30 years of experience with open and proprietary protocols in industrial communication, Traeger sees itself as a data interpreter between human and machine.

Traeger has bundled the know-how it has built up over decades in industrial communication in the Codabix® middleware. Coupled with expertise in OPC UA client and OPC UA server development, Codabix® provides a comprehensive portfolio of legacy and state of the art protocols. This portfolio enables companies to easily and quickly realize the data flow in and between production and planning, including their own business logic.

Traeger and PLCnext Technology

The middleware Codabix® enables the manufacturer-independent configuration of data sources and their data points. Once configured, data points can then be combined with each other regardless of their origin, modeled as new structures and information exchanged between them bidirectionally. Codabix® handles the data source-specific communication and the asynchronous processing of the data from the underlying data sources. With the option of integrating your own business logic as part of the data flow, data can be monitored, pre/post-processed, generated and historicized. The integrated web and OPC UA servers also enable seamless data access to existing and new OT and IT infrastructures via REST, SignalR and OPC UA API.

Thanks to the broad portfolio of supported protocols, interfaces and technologies, Codabix® can be used as a gateway for the Industrial IoT, as smart middleware for the Industrial Edge and as a data hub. In particular, the options offered by Traeger for communicating with older controllers, machines and systems enable parallel retrofitting while newer technologies are being introduced.

Codabix® is optimized for use with our PLCnext Control AXC F 3152 and also supports the Box PCs EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 as well as the Industrial PC BPC 9102S. The app is available with a free trial license in the PLCnext Store and can be downloaded directly to your controller or PC.