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Creating users (combined safety)

Creating users (combined safety) For more information on the user management, refer to the general topic Creating users . Additional safety user roles SafetyEngineer There is a special user role for downloading safety programs: the SafetyEngineer.  Note: You must always assign the SafetyEngineer user… Read More

Checking the device (combined safety)

Checking the device (combined safety) Log in to the WBM.  Return to topicHow do I get to the WBM again? Click here for more information…  Establishing a connection to the Web-based Management (WBM): Open a web browser on your computer. In the address field,… Read More

Checking the integrity state (combined safety)

Checking the integrity state (combined safety) If the Security Profile is activated, an integrity state check is performed after each boot and log-in to the WBM.  The integrity state is displayed in the WBM in the page header line right to the Security Profile state field.  Note:… Read More

Configuring PLCnext Engineer (combined safety)

Configuring PLCnext Engineer (combined safety) Write and Start Commands To include the safety-related project when downloading (writing and starting) a project, you must activate the respective checkboxes in the options menu. To do this, proceed as follows: In PLCnext Engineer, open the options menu: Extras → Options…  Open to Online… Read More

Security logging (combined safety)

Security logging (combined safety) To control specific notifications when starting the safety controller, set the filter function “Sender” to “SPLC”. Then you will see the corresponding notifications, example see screenshot below.   After starting the safety controller, check the consistency of the safe project and the… Read More

Secure and safe operation

Secure and safe operation The secure and safe operation of PLCnext Control in your specific safety-related application context requires a defined procedure. You will find the safety-specific steps in the following sections: Checking the device (combined safety) Checking the integrity state (combined safety) Creating users (combined… Read More

Security and safety hardening  

Security and safety hardening   To use PLCnext Technology as an IEC 62443-4-1/4-2 certified component, the activation of the Security Profile is mandatory. In addition, the automation system design must fit the security context and the generic use cases described in this PLCnext Security Info Center.  With activated Security Profile PLCnext Technology supports the following functions as… Read More

Security and safety context

Security and safety context Generic context 1 Controllers used in this context: Machine: SPLC 1000, AXC F XT ETH 1TX, AXC F XT EXP, AXC F 2152 Production line 1: SPLC 1000, AXC F 3152 Production line 2: RFC 4072S with integrated iSPNS 3000   Generic context 2 Controllers used in this context: Machine: SPLC 1000, AXC F XT ETH 1TX, AXC F 2152 Production line 1: RFC 4072S with integrated iSPNS 3000… Read More