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PLCnext Security use cases and security context 

PLCnext Security use cases and security context  PLCnext is supporting different security use cases: Openness is the leading approach, security is not a leading requirement: Industrial Security application note (AH EN INDUSTRIAL SECURITY) must be considered Security is an overall system design requirement, and is ensued by the… Read More

PLCnext Technology security hardening  

PLCnext Technology security hardening   To use PLCnext Technology as an IEC 62443-4-1/4-2 certified component, the activation of the Security Profile is mandatory. In addition, the automation system design must fit the security context and the generic use cases described in this PLCnext Security Info Center.  With activated Security Profile PLCnext Technology supports the following functions: Clean… Read More

Periodic security maintenance activities 

Periodic security maintenance activities  You must check regularly: user roles and permissions password complexity rules and password changes firewall settings all security-related settings the product download area for firmware updates the PSIRT webpage for known security vulnerabilities Security functionality verification… Read More