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Managing devices and purchased licenses

Managing devices and purchased licenses After you have invited colleagues and they have become part of your PLCnext Store company, you can manage devices and licenses together as a team. Members and pools Single user in a PLCnext Store company In the PLCnext Store every user has user pools for his devices and licenses. … Read More

Become developer 

Become developer  Why you should become a developer in the PLCnext Store right away: You get connected to customers in industrial automation and international audience from different industries. You benefit from an easy new distribution channel. You earn money with your development. You can use secure sales processes.  You… Read More

Removing devices

Removing devices If you no longer need a device, you can remove it from your device pool. From firmware version 2023.0 LTS, you can remove the device even if there is a license on the device.  Note: Check the device for remaining licenses before removing the device. Read More


Registering  First steps Note:  Observe our General Terms and Conditions for using the PLCnext Store (“Customer Terms for PLCnext Store”). You can find them at in the footer under “Terms & Conditions”. Note:  Registering in the PLCnext Store as well as downloading and using the offered… Read More

Inviting and managing your colleagues

Inviting and managing your colleagues If you have created a company in the PLCnext Store, you are automatically the admin of your company. Your colleagues can join this company. Then you can manage devices and purchased licenses together as a team. For more information about what you can… Read More

Welcome to the PLCnext Store Info Center!

Welcome to the PLCnext Store Info Center! In the PLCnext Store Info Center you will find all information about the PLCnext Store, depending on what you have in mind and who you are:   PLCnext Store users  may want to…  register in the PLCnext Store to benefit from the knowledge of the smartest companies… Read More

For developers

For developers As an app developer, the PLCnext Store offers you a wide range of possibilities: Become developer Start your journey now and become developer in the PLCnext Store.  Manage your registered company After you have registered your company, you need to set up your Store Profile.  When… Read More

Create developer company

Create developer company User Profile “User Name*” Here, the user name of your account is entered automatically. “Email Address*” Here, the emailaddress of your account is entered automatically. Note: You can change the email address on the PLCnext Store website. “Password*” Here, the… Read More

App types in the PLCnext Store

App types in the PLCnext Store Every app is assigned to a type. Based on the type, you can estimate how you can use the app and what options it offers. Currently, six app types are available: App Note: The two app types Function Extension and Runtime are… Read More

Legal information and imprint

Legal information and imprint General terms and conditions of use for technical documentation Phoenix Contact reserves the right to alter, correct, and/or improve the technical documentation and the products described in the technical documentation at its own discretion and without giving prior notice, insofar as this is reasonable for… Read More