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License A license activates firmware functionalities of the PLCnext Control. A license does not provide any software itself, because the function is already part of the delivered firmware.     If it is a chargeable product, buy a license first. Activate the license from the license pool… Read More


Library  A library is a sub-function. Use libraries to realize more complex projects with  PLCnext Engineer.     Use the download button to download the library to your computer in the form of a zip file. Then you must import the *.pcwlx file into PLCnext Engineer. If it… Read More


Solution A solution is a fully programmed automation solution. It is a closed PLCnext Engineer Project which means it cannot be modified. You do not need any programming knowledge to use a solution. You install a solution from the PLCnext Store directly to a PLCnext Control.   Use… Read More

PLCnext Engineer Project

PLCnext Engineer Project A PLCnext Engineer project is an open project that you can customize and extend in PLCnext Engineer.  First download the PLCnext Engineer project to your computer and then import it into PLCnext Engineer. If it is a chargeable product, buy a license first. Activate the license from the license pool… Read More

App types in the PLCnext Store

App types in the PLCnext Store Every app is assigned to a type. Based on the type, you can estimate how you can use the app and what options it offers. Currently, six app types are available: App Desktop Tool Library License PLCnext Engineer Project… Read More

Desktop Tool

Desktop Tool A desktop tool is designed to run on your computer or laptop.    See also App typesAppLibraryLicensePLCnext Engineer ProjectSolution     •  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari •  • Published/reviewed: 2023-05-15 • Revision 12 •   … Read More


App Note: The two app types Function Extension and Runtime are now combined under the type App.  An app is like a useful helper for your PLCnext Control. Usually, an app is installed in parallel to a PLCnext Engineer project. The app augments the automation project by a certain… Read More