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License management

License management To run a chargeable software product from the PLCnext Store on your PLCnext Control, you need a corresponding license on your PLCnext Control. Before you jump to the contents of the respective topics, here is what else you should know about licenses:  You need one license for each PLCnext Control. … Read More

Offline activation

Offline activation Phoenix Contact recommends that you install your licenses online. If you cannot or do not want to connect your devices to the PLCnext Store via the Internet, you can activate licenses offline. Prerequisite: Your device is already added to your PLCnext Store account, see the topic Connecting a PLCnext Control with the PLCnext Store . Read More

Uninstalling a license

Uninstalling a license You can put a license from a device back into the license pool. You can then assign the license in your license pool to any other of your devices. To uninstall a license from a device, open your device list and click on “Uninstall”. Read More

Purchasing a license via PLCnext Store

Purchasing a license via PLCnext Store You can purchase a license directly from the PLCnext Store. Note: Alternatively, you can purchase a Phoenix Contact license from the Phoenix Contact sales department. During the purchase process, the licenses are placed in the license pool. You find your license pool at Account → License Pool. … Read More

Purchasing a license via Phoenix Contact sales department

Purchasing a license via Phoenix Contact sales department Note: Via your local sales department you can only purchase licenses from Phoenix Contact . Third-party app licenses you can purchase only directly from the PLCnext Store. When you purchase a license via the Phoenix Contact sales department, you will receive a license certificate with a unique ticket ID. Read More

Installing a license

Installing a license Note: With a library only the license is transferred to the device. With solutions and apps, you can choose to transfer the license and/or the app to the device in one process.   Requirements: Your device is registered in the PLCnext Store. For… Read More