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Discontinue  The legal aspects of cancelling the support of an app is defined in [3]. Only Phoenix Contact is able to delete an app permanently. If the decision has been made to cancel an app, it should be set to “deactivate” in the PLCnext Store  after the corresponding legal terms… Read More


Support  Technical and commercial support has to be ensured by the contributor. A reaction during 1 workday is recommended. At latest, a reaction to the request needs to be given after 3 workdays.         •  Web browser recommendation: Chrome/Edge 88 or… Read More


Documentation  As a part of the app publication the contributor has to provide documentation in English language for the app. Description (promotional) The contributor has to provide a short description (app detail page > detailed description) for the app. The description includes: The purpose of… Read More

PLCnext App Quality Guide

PLCnext App Quality Guide We have high quality standards for the apps in the PLCnext Store. Learn more in this PLCnext App Quality Guide. Foreword/Scope of application  Short foreword and scope of application.  Related documents See the related documents within the scope of this document. Legal requirements Reference to… Read More


Test  The contributor is responsible for the entire test of the app. For every new released PLCnext Technology LTS firmware (once a year), the app has to be tested as soon as possible, latest 3 months after release of the firmware. It is recommended to list the tested firmware versions… Read More

Legal requirements 

Legal requirements  With regard to your obligations and liabilities in terms of security and compliance matters, please refer to section 8 “Security and Compliance” of [3].         •  Web browser recommendation: Chrome/Edge 88 or newer, Firefox ESR 90 or newer, or Safari  • … Read More

Related documents 

Related documents  The table below lists the related documents within the scope of this document. No.  Document Version Area of application Binding [1] PLCnext App Quality Guide (this document) Latest version in PLCnext Community All app contributors Mandatory [2]… Read More

Foreword/Scope of application 

Foreword/Scope of application  This document [1] in its respectively up-to-date version is an integral part of the Contributor Terms for the PLCnext Store [3], where it is referred to as “Schedule 1 – Technology Requirements”. It will be further developed and updated in the course of the further development… Read More