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Overview creating a Library 

Overview creating a Library  Program your library. Please follow our recommendations for good programming. If you want to sell your library, extend your function blocks with our license mechanism. Please test your library for a positive user experience. Create documentation for your library so… Read More

Building a library

Building a library Programming guideline When building a library, you must observe and implement the minimum requirementsto ensure an adequate level of quality.  Testing After you have finished your library, you need to run some tests.      •  Web browser recommendation: Chrome/Edge 88 or newer, Firefox ESR… Read More

Programming guideline

Programming guideline In the following you find the minimum requirements that you must observe and implement when programming your library.  🗹 Naming the library Using several libraries within one project can cause problems if they do not have a unique name. Phoenix Contact recommends to include the… Read More

Standard and functional tests 

Standard and functional tests  After you have finished your library, you need to run some tests.  Standard tests Compile test Run a compile test with all PLCnext Engineer versions for which the library is released. For this test, all functions and function blocks must be instantiated in a test… Read More

Preparing a Library 

Preparing a Library  Create a Library in PLCnext Engineer. Note: If you want to publish your Library with a chargeable license, insert the function block LICENSE_STATUS from the “PLCnext Controller” library into your PLCnext Engineer program. Log in to your PLCnext Store account and create a new Library. To create a new Library, go to… Read More

Documentation (PDF and CHM) 

Documentation (PDF and CHM)  The documentation of the library must be saved as a *.pdf file in the *.zip folder and uploaded to the PLCnext Store. Ideally, you should also create this documentation as a *.chm or *.html file. For examples of how the documentation can be structured,… Read More

Publishing a Library 

Publishing a Library  General information The library and all documents are published as *.zip files.  The *.zip file must contain at least the following files: English documentation (*.pdf) PLCnext Engineer library file (*.pcwlx)  Refer to the topic Documentation (PDF and CHM) for important notes on documenting… Read More