Containers in an Automation System


The webinar presents the idea of containerization and its application in automation. It will show how to use balena.engine and portainer.io in PLCnext Technology.

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of linux, pogramming or automation engineering




No requirements


Length: ca. 900 min

  1. Why the virtualization?
  2. Different types of containers
  3. Containers in PLCnext Technology
  4. Questions and answers


After the training, participants have learned the benefits of virtualization and how it can help run projects in automation. They will also know how to get started with Docker containers in a PLCnext Technology environment.

About the speaker

Konrad Sobczyk is a technical support expert at Phoenix Contact Sp. z o.o. (Poland). His main field of expertise is PLCnext Technology.

Please use the “Check in for webinar”-button to register.

Containers in an Automation System
Language: Polish
07 June 2022
9:00 am (CET)
Speaker: Konrad Sobczyk

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  6. Have fun!'
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