Use of Node-RED | PM Session (CET)


In this webinar you will learn how to install Node-RED on a PLCnext Control and how to add additional packages. You will also learn how to access process data.

Prior knowledge

Node-RED basics advantageous




No requirements


Duration: ca. 1,5h

  1. Node-RED introduction
  2. Node-RED installation
  3. Package installation
  4. Process Data Access
  5. Q&A


After this webinar you will know how you can use Node-RED on a PLCnext Control.

About the speaker

Christiane Kownatzki is technical trainer in the Industry Management and Automation team. Her focus topics for training courses are topics relating to PLCnext Technology.

Use of Node-RED | PM Session (CET)
Language: English
02 July 2024
2:00 pm (CET)
Speaker: Christiane Kownatzki

How to join a webinar

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  5. Use link at indicated time to join 10-15 min. before starts
  6. Have fun!'
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