PLCnext Technology – Background & Basics


This webinar introduces you to the basics of the open PLCnext Technology ecosystem and its unique advantages. It is targeted to developers, planners, and decision makers who have to realize future-proof automation solutions in all kinds of industries.

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of automation engineering




No requirements


Length: ca. 60 min

  1. Introduction
  2. PLCnext Technology Value Propositions
  3. PLCnext Technology Ecosystem
  4. Where to start
  5. Q&A 

 You are invited to connect 10 to 5 minutes before.

Webinar Goal

The participants understand the structure of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem and its unique advantages and capabilities and are able to independently find more information on it.

About the speaker

Vishal Kumar is the product manager of automation systems at Phoenix contact Inda has 8+ years of experience in control and automation.

PLCnext Technology – Background & Basics
Language: English
19 November 2021
8:00 am (CET)
Speaker: Vishal Kumar
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