Webinar: REST examples

Date: 25 May 2021

Time: 04:30 PM (CET), Germany 04:30 PM (LT)

Language: English

Speaker: Christiane Kownatzki

During this webinar you will learn how to configure the embedded webserver of PLCnext Controls to provide data via REST. In addition serveral examples for using PLCnext Control as REST client will be presented. These examples will be programmed in different programming languages and environments to show various ways of accessing data via REST.

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Prior knowledge

Basic understandig of PLCnext Engineer advantages






No requirements



Length: ca. 90 min

  1. General introduction to REST (10min)
  2. PLCnext Control webserver configuration (10min)
  3. REST client applications without authentication (40min)
    3.1. REST with JavaScript
    3.2. REST with cURL
    3.3. REST with Node-RED
    3.4. REST with Python
  4. Server configuration for REST with authentication (10min)
  5. REST client applications with token-based authentication (20min)
    5.1. REST with Node-RED
    5.2. REST with Python
  6. Q&A


You are invited to connect 10 to 5 minutes before.


By completing this webinar, you will know how to configure the embedded webserver to make data available via the REST API. You will also know the basic process for receiving and sending data. In addition, you will know how to set up token-based authentication.


About the speaker

Christiane Kownatzki is trainer as part of the sales team at PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH, Industry Management and Automation.