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Welcome to the PLCnext Info Center!

Welcome to the PLCnext Info Center! Latest changes In this information platform you find the firmware documentation for some of the PLCnext Control devices. PLCnext Technology is an open industrial automation ecosystem designed by Phoenix Contact. If you’re completely new to PLCnext Technology, you might find it helpful to get the gist and read about some use… Read More

Legal information and imprint

Legal information and imprint General terms and conditions of use for technical documentation Phoenix Contact reserves the right to alter, correct, and/or improve the technical documentation and the products described in the technical documentation at its own discretion and without giving prior notice, insofar as this is reasonable for… Read More

Info Center change log

Info Center change log While the PLCnext Technology ecosystem evolves, we keep adding and elaborating this information platform. The following changes have been made to this information platform since it is available under the domain. Note the reverse order – most recent changes at the top! … Read More

About this information platform

About this information platform Application This document describes the PLCnext Technology control platform. It describes the system and its components and provides instructions on creating, using, and managing PLCnext Technology applications. More information on PLCnext Technology is available in the PLCnext Community.  Qualification of users The use of products described… Read More

Safety notes

Safety notes Risk of unauthorized access to network Connecting devices to a network via Ethernet always entails the risk of unauthorized access to the network. Please note the guidelines in our PLCnext Security Info Center. For developing secure-by-design, IEC 62443‑2 compliant applications with PLCnext Technology, get a good grasp of the… Read More