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Connecting to the controller

Connecting to the controller For executing automation programs After programming in IEC 61131‑3 and high-level languages (especially C#), programs need to be compiled and sent to the PLCnext Control device by means of PLCnext Engineer. See Transferring a project to the controller for details. Note: PLCnext Engineer is available for Windows® PC only. For executing commands on the controller… Read More

Operating system

Operating system The PLCnext Technology control platform is based on a Linux® operating system with the OSADL real-time patch. Linux® is a highly reliable, open source operating system suitable for applications that require a high stability. A wide range of open source software is available for the Linux® operating… Read More

Directories of the firmware components

Directories of the firmware components Note: Phoenix Contact recommends operating the PLCnext Control device with an SD card if it supports SD card operation. For some PLCnext Control devices, operation with an SD card is mandatory. Refer to the user manual of your PLCnext Control device. You can access the controller via… Read More

Overlay file system

Overlay file system Partitions A PLCnext Control usually has two data storage media: An internal flash memory An SD card The SD card is mandatory for some controllers, and for others it is optional. Check the user manual of your PLCnext Control for more information. Each data storage… Read More

System time

System time Default time zone All PLCnext Control devices are set by default to UTC0 which is UTC±00:00 of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  Note: Time stamps created by OPC UA or DataLogger are always UTC0. Changing the system time on a controller Setting via PLCnext Engineer You can set the system time using the… Read More

User rights

User rights Default user PLCnext Controls are supplied with a preset admin user and a default password that is printed on the controller’s housing. This enables access to the most important functions.  admin user When a PLCnext user logs into the SSH console with the admin user, the user… Read More